Wurlitzer Red 200

1969 "Red Top" Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano. A rare bird and this one features our modified factory restoration or "resto-mod". We started with a comprehensive cleaning and regulation of the instrument. By now you are probably wondering what you mean by regulation? Your typical restoration starts with mechanical functions, felts, action associated parts, replacement of parts & rebuilding electronics.
Regulation & proper configuration brings the instrument back and better than before. New felts, adjustments etc & a thorough cleaning yields a Leveled fast Keyboard with even feel.
Wurlitzer 200 piano's are finicky! Fine adjustment is required to make each note sound even in attack, sustain and volume level. Great voicing makes or breaks it. We completely tune the reeds. It's a painstakingly
long process but worth the time and results.
We replaced the amp board with a Warneck Research 200 model Amp board. The original boards tend to be noisy and with age the components drift out of spec leading to more noise. The Warneck 200 Amp board is not just a reproduction! Warneck Research has redesigned this part so it retains all the great tonal characteristics without the problems. It's a simple task to replicate the original but why carry the old problems into the future? Through design Warneck Research has a greatly the reduced noise floor and improved the signal to noise ratio. In the end you have a Wurlitzer keyboard you can run at max volume with virtually no quiescent noise. We also flushed, cleaned and lubed the pots bringing them back to life.
This being a Factory resto-mod project we kept as many of the original parts as possible. Our crew goes over the instrument, cleaning, polishing and bringing back the luster of the original cosmetic parts as possible. We had the legs stripped and re-chromed.The end result is a Original looking instrument with some new technology under the hood, plays great, sounds great & has that original look.