Deux fois par mois, des artistes que nous aimons sélectionnent dix "TOP" Tracks qui les influencent...

Ici, on retrouve Benjamin Fröhlich, co-fondateur du label Permanent Vacation, et invité de Sodasound à la Bellevilloise en 2014. Fondé en 2006, ce label a vue l'émergence de nombreux de ses poulains comme Superpitcher, John Talabot, Todd Terje et bien d'autres.
Le producteur allemand nous livre une sélection personnelle et éclectique, permettant de mieux comprendre son univers musical.

1-Sun Palace - Rude Movements

"Blissfull balearica at the highest order and a huge loft classic as well. You should try it out, it wreally works in the sun."

2-Kissing The Pink - Big Man Restless

"When I was a teenager, my friends and I always listened to cosmic beats tapes we got from our older brothers. I was always really intrigued by this song, but I didn't know what it was. I was really happy when I found out years later."

3-Yellowman - Stong Me Strong (Dub)

"Another stone cold cosmic classic. It was usually played on 45rpm by the Djs, but I think I like the original speed a bit better. Check the heavy drums and sharp production by Bill Laswell."

4-Dillinger - Jah Love

"I am really passionate about Dub and Reggea, especially the psychodelic and hypnotic kind. This Dillinger track is a good example. My favourite part is when the vocal drops out and the flute kicks in. Sky & Robbie are at the control towers so what could possibly be wrong ?"

5-Earthbound - Reggie's Escape

"So this one is from my Trip Hop phase. I used to listen to a lot of Rap when I was young and Trip Hop opened my ears more for electronic music as it was somehow rooted in the Hip Hop culture but brought different aspects to it. It just sounded very fresh and futuristic back then."

6-A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God

"...Speaking of Hip Hop. Choosing one Hip Hop track was probably the most difficult task in this Top Ten. Too much good stuff and too many good memories. This is just a golden age classic and it also features Busta Rhymes, another favourite MC of mine, so I had to go woth it."

7-Ost & Kjex - Have You Seen The Moon in Dallas? (Maurice Fulton remix)

"Maurice Fulton is one of my all time heros and weirdos. He definitely has the Midas touch. This is a good example of his Boogie Treatment he gives to tracks. Also we had it on our first release, the compilation "Permanent Vacation", so it will always close be to my heart."

8-Metro Area - Orange Alert (DFA mix)

"Two of the most influencial productions teams throught the 2000s came together on one record to combine Boogie Disco with Punk Funk to something really addictive."

9-Chateau Flight - Cosmic Race

"Sound and production wise Chateau Flight are the absolute chief rockers. This one is great for open air raves. Rude boy beats with fancy boy melodies wich suck you into a whirl."

10-Gunnar Wendel - 578 (Omar S, Rude Boy Warm mix)

"This is a relatively recent one. Gunnar We,del aka Kassem Mosse and Omar S on a magic carpet ride from leipzig via Berlin to Detroit. With the constantly changing little details, this feel like a hypnotic jam session."


  • Permanent Vacation

    Permanent Vacation est un label Munichois fondé par Tom Bioly et Benjamin Fröhlich. Le vaste catalogue du label comprend des releases d'artistes comme Superpitcher, Hercules & Love Affair, Azari & III, Todd Terje, John Talabot ou encore Mano le Tough. Le style musical de Permanent Vacation est aussi large que sont catalogues.
    Nous avons le plaisir d'accueillir Benjamin Fröhlich lors d'une Sodasound Party à la Bellevilloise.