Marius - More Music #7

An oldies selection for this mixtape, as usual recorded live on turntables (CDs + Vinyls), beginning in a "ParadiseGarage" style with a spaceship-countdown-intro by BONEY M, followed by a classic of INSTANT FUNK mixed by legendary LARRY LEVAN, and the saxophonist PLUNKY & his band ONENESS OF JUJU, remixed by LARRY LEVAN (again) ; then an agressive bassline in MASTER C&J "Can't get enough" track released on mythic house label Trax Records. The meeting between Belgian MARC MOULIN (TELEX) and Detroiter CARL CRAIG, the funky new-wave band QUANDO QUANGO from Manchester (inevitably on Factory Records), DANIEL WANG "Not Feeling It" released on his own (good) label Balihu, after that "Tiger Stripes" produced by FELIX aka the New-Yorkers ARTHUR RUSSELL & NICKY SIANO (resident DJ at The Gallery & Studio 54 in NYC) released on ARTHUR RUSSELL's Sleeping Bag Records label, House anthem "Burniiiiing" by MARK KINCHEN (on a cool red transparent vinyl). Now a little bit of pop music with PAUL MC CARTNEY & THE WINGS (band formed by Paul & his wife LINDA MC CARTNEY), acid-house with CAUCASIAN BOY, a beautiful remix of MICHAEL JACKSON "Don't stop till you get enough" by TIM SWEENEY (BeatsInSpace radio show host since 13 years) & TIM GOLDSWORTHY (co-founder of Mo'Wax and DFA... what else to say!?), MR VELCRO FASTENER (I don't know anything about this band, except I've been liking the whole album for many years). EBERHARD SCHOENER is actually the composer of famous (and boring) German police TV series "Derrick"! And he did this great track with STING. And in the end a marvellous music by RYUICHI SAKAMOTO (from 80's Japanese pop band YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA) and ROBIN SCOTT (the guy behind M "Pop Musik"!).
Wow, I must have been writing a bit too much this time...
Sweet dreams!

APRIL 22, 2012

Tracklisting :
1 — BONEY M - Nightflight To Venus / Hansa
2 — INSTANT FUNK - I got my mind made up / Salsoul Records
3 — PLUNKY & ONENESS OF JUJU - Every Way But Loose (LARRY LEVAN Remix) / Sutra Records
4 — MASTER C&J feat LIZ TORRES - Can't get enough (Club Mix) / Trax
5 — TELEX - Moskow Diskow (CARL CRAIG Remix) / SSR
6 — QUANDO QUANGO - Love Tempo / Factory Records
7 — DANIEL WANG - Not Feeling It / Balihu
8 — FELIX - Tiger Stripes / Sleeping Bag Records
9 — MK - Burning — Area 10
10 — PAUL MC CARTNEY & THE WINGS - Good Night Tonight (12" version) / Parlophone
11 — CAUCASIAN BOY - Northern Lights / Strictly Rhythm
12 — MJ - Don't Stop (T&T Version) / Music Factory
13 — MR VELCRO FASTENER - Vector Graphics / i220
14 — EBERHARD SCHOENER feat STING - Why don't you answer / Ariola
15 — RYUICHI SAKAMOTO feat ROBIN SCOTT - The Left Bank / Alfa Records



    Cesar au sein du label, il était impossible pour Sodasound de passer à coté de Marius. Déjà révélé avec son frêre dans leur duo familial, ce musicien aux goûts pointus nous confectionne régulièrement dans ses « More Music » des mix très éclectiques et originaux. Il n'hésite pas à mettre en avant ses edits persos de vieux « classiques », des productions actuelles, et quelques perles de sa discographie.